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Due Diligence

When it comes to providing security and security-related training its incredibly important to do your due diligence on individuals and companies. I have addressed this in prior articles as it relates to Executive Protection Training programs and now I would like to address this as it pertains to who you hire, and or subcontract out to.

Recently I have been criticized for “outing” an individual for possibly providing security services without a license. It has been commented that I must be “jealous”, or “scared” of my competition. The fact is I am neither jealous nor scared however what I am is irritated when work is done without the proper licensing and insurance. The more we allow this to go on unchecked the more damage is done to this industry.

When operating without the proper license and insurance you put the client that you are hired to protect in jeopardy. Also, when companies hire or sub-contract to individuals without licenses they put everyone at risk for liability. If you want to perform security services it must be done legally which includes companies having proper license and insurance and ability to conduct business in the location where service is to be provided. It also means that the guards hired should be properly licensed in the state where they will be providing protection.

Prime example is there is an individual who has been trained by an organization in EP, which I would assume included weapons handling. Subsequently this organization has also hired this person to perform security services. With a basic search I was able to find that this person has long criminal record to include: 3 counts of impersonating a police officer, robbery, fleeing the scene of an accident with injuries (2nd offense - felony), DWI and the list goes on.

This person has obviously made poor decisions which in my professional opinion would preclude him from being trustworthy. If you are not trustworthy how can you work in security? I mentioned the weapons training aspect because I’m no lawyer however in one of the judgments it was stated he was

“unable to possess firearms or weapons, including airsoft guns and BB guns.”

I also believe that once you are convicted of a felony you are not allowed to be in possession of any firearms as well. If he did such training could the training company be liable in any form, I don’t know but if this person was involved in weapons related incident they very well might be.

I’m not sure what is more negligent, not doing the due diligence neccesary or knowing about someone’s past disregarding it and still training and or employing someone who is a proven to make bad decisions, not be trustworthy and ultimately a risk to the client, the company they represent and themselves.

The point is to do your due diligence. Trust but verify, trust everyone but don’t trust the devil inside and whatever other clichés you can think of. Bottom line is if you provide security services make sure everyone is properly licensed and organizations are as well. If you are a security agent, work where you are licensed.


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