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Active Shooter/Workplace Violence 

Preparedness Training

Based on Experience

While some offer training or seminars based on textbook answers, we provide instruction grounded in real-world effectiveness, drawn from our firsthand experiences.

- James Cameron, CPP

Tragic situations cannot be predicted, so preparation is critical. Failing to prepare insures one thing, you WON’T be ready should an incident occur.

Catastrophic events highlight the growing security and safety vulnerabilities.  This is especially true for soft targets such as; businesses, universities, schools, public events and places of worship.


SCG’s approach is to decrease vulnerability and increase survivability, with our comprehensive training program. 

Our training was developed based on over 15 years of international security experience, and lessons learned from being involved as first responders to multiple real world mass casualty events.

PACE Training

Our unique training is P.A.C.E. 


SCG explains the solutions that could be done now to reduce the probability of an active shooter even and maximize the potential fo survival if an event was to occur


What course of action that individuals need to take immediately during a mass casualty event


Casualties in crisis situations, die due to treatable wounds.  We teach beyond standard Stop the Bleed so you can potentially save your life and the lives of others around you


We talk about the considerations that must be thought through prior to evacuation explain when and how to evacuate.

P.A.C.E was created as a result of firsthand experience responding to four significant mass casualty events.

SCG also provides training specifically designed for

Organizational Management. 

SCG’ comprehensive, training for management, helps organizations understand the complex considerations needed to plan for Workplace Violence, Active Assailant and other Mass Casualty situations

During our Management Training for Organizational

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Preparedness we discuss:

  • Current Statistics

  • Legal Considerations

  • Lesson Learned

  • Active Shooter Survey

  • Project Management

  • Organizational Responsibility

  • Plans, Policies & Procedures

  • Components of Workplace Violence Program

  • Components of a Crisis Management Plan

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Staff Training Recommendations

SCG Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Managment Training

SCG's Management training addresses what the organization can do today to better PREPARE for, RESPOND to, and RECOVER from an Active Shooter - Workplace Violence situation.

With crime rates going up, workplace violence/active shooter events on the rise and the constant threat of another terrorist attack, is your organization prepared?  

Managment Trainig

Without having a current plan and training, organizations risk:

  • Injury or death of individuals

  • Legal action

  • Monetary loss

  • Productivity Loss

  • Brand and reputation damage

  • Potentially closure of business al together


Active Shooter, Workplace Violence Preparedness Books

PACE Active Shooter Prepardness

Paperback $24.99
E-Book $9.99

Active Shooter Workplace Violence Prepardeness for Organizational Managment

Paperback $24.99
E-Book $9.99

Security Concepts Security Team

Why Choose SCG?

At SCG, our pride lies in the expertise of our team. Every Risk Manager and Security Consultant is a subject matter expert, with extensive experience in both public and private sectors.


Our consulting services offer expert, unbiased advice aimed at mitigating risks for our clients and addressing their concerns. SCG's experts collaborate with our clients during the implementation of recommendations, maintaining ongoing program support to ensure long-term, effective security.

Why Choose SCG

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