Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Preparedness P.A.C.E. Program

Mounting tragic events highlight the growing security and safety issues for schools, places of worship, entertainment venues, shopping malls, manufacturing sites and corporate business building alike. That is why organizations and individuals have the responsibility to acknowledge that an incident could potentially happen to them.

This is the first of its kind E-Learning Active Shooter & Incident Preparedness Program which helps individuals and organizations, Prepare for, Respond to and Recover from an event.

Security Concepts Group’s approach to reduce vulnerability while increasing survivability is our comprehensive program called:


Prepare – Action – Care – Evacuate


P.A.C.E. was developed based on over 15 years of security experience and lesson learned from being involved as first responders to multiple real world mass casualty events. While others give seminars on suggestions based on what the book answer is, we teach and instruct from what we personally have experienced.